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  • Limited enrollment, please register at least 1 week in advance.
  • New membership policy: Students are not required to be current members but Members are eligible lower tuition and additional membership privileges.
  • Classes that do not make minimum enrollment at least a week in advance are subject to cancellation. Refunds will be honored to paid registrants at that time.
  • Refunds: Refunds will be honored for cancellations made at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Scholarship assistance is available for Youth Intersession Programs with applications due at least one month in advance (please see class listings for due dates).
Floral Arrangement: Wreaths and Tabletop Arrangements

Floral Arrangement: Wreaths and Tabletop Arrangements

~With Scott Seymour

Event Type: Workshop
December 19 , 2015

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Tuition: $45

Supply Fee: $Bring Your Own

Level: Beginners

Tuition: $45/$65 Non-Member

The holiday spirit be upon us. Compose a Christmas wreath for your hearth or the front door or perhaps, the base of an eggnog bowl. Think in colors and flowers of Christmas--think Greens, think whites, think evergreens. We will supply filler, wreath form and greening pins.

Alternately, you may create a floral arrangement for either your sideboard, buffet, tabletop or dining table. Think In shades of winter. Bring your own flowers and your container of choice with any colors you might like to use in the way of foliage. We will supply filler and oasis floral foam, as well as direction.

Come play at the Donkey Mill and share some Christmas Spirit!

Anyone interested in collecting greenery for their arrangements is welcome to join us on Wednesday, December 16 from 10am - 12pm. We will be meeting at the bottom of Kaloko Drive. Please bring your snippers, a bucket and RSVP a week in advance (808) 322-3362.

 Artist Talk

Artist Talk

~With Robbie Lobell

Event Type: Presentation
January 14 , 2016

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Admission: Free!

Free - please bring a dish to share

The Donkey Mill is happy to welcome Robbie Lobell, co-founder and co-owner of Cook on Clay. She is a full-time studio potter, innovator, and pottery teacher living and working on Whidbey Island in Northwest Washington. She has been working in clay for more than 30 years. Robbie has developed a line of flameproof cookware and soda-fired dinnerware that is carried in galleries and gourmet food shops. She is passionate about handmade objects in everyday life, believing that design for utility, rugged elegance, and beauty brings meaning to each day.

The Smart Artist

The Smart Artist

~With Amber Aguirre

Event Type: Workshop
January 16 , 2016

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Tuition: $45

Level: Open to All Levels

Tuition: $45/$65 Non-Member

This spring, join Artist Amber Aguirre for a class on essential business skills for artists. Learn how to enter juried shows and keep good records on your artwork. Using free online software, students will learn to edit photos and present their best to juried exhibitions. They will also learn how to be more organized and keep track of their work using spreadsheets to track galleries, sales and important information.

Amber Aguirre has been working in ceramics for the past 45 years, with work exhibited and collected internationally. She holds Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern California, a Masters Degree in Art Education from San Francisco State University and California teaching credential. After moving to Hawaii in 2001 she began to pursue a career as a gallery artist. Shortly after, she was offered representation by one of the leading ceramic galleries in the nation. Since then she has exhibited her work all over the U.S. as well as internationally. Her art speaks of her feelings about war, racism, and other forms of social injustice.

* Students should bring a laptop and digital images of their work.

Hand-Building Pots for Your Table

Hand-Building Pots for Your Table

~With Jan Edwards

Event Type: Workshop
February 27 - March 6, 2016

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Tuition: $340

Supply Fee: $45

Level: Open to All Levels

Members: $340/Non-Members: $400

Four day workshop, Feb 27 and 28 and March 5 and 6.

Portland artist Jan Edwards joins us once again to share her playful and unique methods of handbuilding and decorating tableware.

In this workshop we will spend two weekends exploring a multitude of ways to make pots for the table...bowls, cups, plates, pitchers, platters, butter dishes, without the use of a potter's wheel. Don't you wish you had a good Fish Platter, or a tall Vase, or perhaps a set of Sushi Plates? You name it... we'll make it. We'll use colorful Terra Cotta Clay and underglazes, slips and stains to embellish our pots. There's a cornucopia of decorative techniques to be explored.