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Book Arts

Book Arts

~With with Janet Ballentyne

Event Type: Workshop
April 16 , 2014

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Tuition: $35

Supply Fee: $9

Level: Open to All Levels

($40 for Nonmembers)

Students will be making envelopes books, pop-up and single sheet books. Envelopes will form the pages of our next books and students will have a collection of envelope models to to take home for other projects.

Janet Ballantyne is a retired Home Economics teacher from Vermont who has been teaching Book Arts classes at the Donkey Mill for 10 years. She is the co-founder of the Vermont Book Arts Guild of Vermont an active group with 250 members that meets monthly.

Hawaiian Cordage/Fiber Plants Workshop

Hawaiian Cordage/Fiber Plants Workshop

~With Gary Eoff

Event Type: Workshop
April 23 - May 28, 2014

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Tuition: $80

Level: Open to All Levels

Wednesdays, April 23, May 7 and June 4 *New Date
Members: $80/Nonmembers: $95 Includes Supplies
(Member promo: $220 for all 3 classes)
This Spring, the Donkey Mill is honored to host a series of 3 workshops relating to Hawaiian cordage plants and fiber preparation with renowned cultural practitioner Gary Eoff. Over the course of 3 days, Gary Eoff will share his knowledge of local plants and traditional methods of preparation and weaving. Classes can be taken together or individually. * To attend the 3rd class, one of the 2 previous classes must be attended.

Wednesday, April 23
Day 1: Introduction to Hawaiian Cordage/Fiber Plants and Cordage Making
- The 10 basic Hawaiian cordage plants will be discussed.
- Examples of cordage and the plants will be presented.
- We will process and make cordage using hau fiber.
- Cordage making skills will be taught.

Wednesday, May 7
Day 2: Preparation and Cordage Making with Hawaiian Fiber
- Hands on workshop preparing and making cordage with hala, 'uki 'uki, 'ie 'ie, 'ahu 'awa, wauke, and morning glory.
- Pound and scrape fibers.
- Learn and improve cordage-making skills.

Wednesday, June 4
Day 3: Preparation and Cordage Making Using Coconut and Olona Fiber
- Extensive discussion and display items with coconut and olonä.
- Cleaning and preparation of fibers for cordage making.
- Improve and expand on cordage making skills.
- 2 & 3-ply cordage; 3,4 & 5-ply braiding and how they are used will be explored.

Eoff is an artist and craftsman with a strong passion for communicating cultural knowledge. Inspired by the expert craftsmanship, the high level of aesthetics and the natural materials used in the culture of old Hawai'i, Gary's work is noted for its attention to detail, it's authentic designs and use of traditional materials and processes. Gary gathers his materials in a manner that sustains the forest: always careful to nurture the plants and help them to reproduce more than was taken.

Students: Please pack a lunch, park at the lower lot and bring a 5 gallon bucket to class.

Playing with Light: Camera Obscura and Pinhole Cameras

Playing with Light: Camera Obscura and Pinhole Cameras

~With Laurel Schultz

Event Type: Workshop
May 1 , 2014

Tuition: $75

Level: Beginners - Advanced

(Nonmember: $85)

Class meets:
Thursday, May 1 (6pm - 8pm) - Photo Lecture
and Saturday, May 3 (10am-4pm) - Workshop

In this workshop students will build their own pinhole cameras and create unique photographic images with them. By making an aperture (essentially a round hole) that projects light into a darkened space, anything from a matchbox to a barn can become a camera. "Playing With Light" will explore this fundamental form of photography actively practiced by artists and explorers of visual perception since at least the 10th century. Class will include an overview of the pinhole camera's history and its application in contemporary art photography. The majority of class time, however, will be hands on: we will be building cameras and creating weird and wonderful one-of-a-kind images. Students will leave with an understanding of pinhole fundamentals and all the resources needed to follow this technique wherever it leads them.

Laurel Schultz recently moved to the Big Island from Seattle. She taught photography at the University of Washington and The Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. She was an Emerging Artist in Residence at the Pilchuck Glass School in 2010, and a Hauberg Fellow there 2011. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States.

- Image credit: Light Bulb, 1991. Abelardo Morrel

Creating Large Ceramic Sculptures with Slabs

Creating Large Ceramic Sculptures with Slabs

~With Amber Aguirre

Event Type: Workshop
May 16 - May 18, 2014

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Tuition: $225

Supply Fee: $70

Level: Intermediate - Advance

Non members: $270

If you work with clay then you know ceramic sculptures need to be hollow. Learn an EASY way to go big! Students will learn the techniques necessary to create a large figure or animal without the added time, expense and materials of working solid. This is a technique/process workshop and finished work will not be fired at the Mill. Supply fee includes: 50-75 lbs of clay, base and external armature that students will keep, and other materials.

Inspired by Music

Inspired by Music

~With with Lindsday Lander

Event Type: Workshop
August 3 , 2014

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Tuition: $180

Supply Fee: $25

Level: Open to All Levels

($180 Nonmembers)

Music has long been a source of inspiration for all types of artists. Enjoy the playful process of painting while using various types of music as a source of inspiration. Students will learn basic color theory and about the principles of art and how they interconnect with music. This course is a way of exploring and enjoying the process of painting without a focus on the outcome. Create fun and playful artwork inspired by the sounds of music.